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"Divya medicines of Baba Ramdev are very effective ayurvedic medicines with good reviews. These medicines are Herbo - Mineral preparation and very suitable for human body. "

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"Divya not only produces medicines but also manufactures some of the very good supplements like: Ashwagandha churna, Triphala churna, Divya Tea, Amla churna and juices, Shilajit etc. Divya products are Natural, Healthy, Best in Quality, Pure and low cost."

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"Apart from India, Divya products are very popular in USA. People who do not have local availability in USA buys divya products online. It is good to see awareness of Ayurveda spreading to different corners of world and credit goes to Baba Ramdev Ji."

Divya udramrit vati this question feed

asked by Basil on 5 March 2011 11:42
Please provide information on divya udramrit vati, I require information on this ASAP so please post your reply fast.
Tags: , Baba Ramdev Medicines
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Divya medhohar vati and NSAID allergy

asked by moonlight on 23 August 2010 12:21
Dear Dr, You have recommended in the previous mail to take divya medhohar vati for weight loss and hypo thyroid problem. I read that Medhohar vati has anti inflamatory properties. I am severly allergic to NSAID component found in all anti inflamatory drugs. So can I still go ahead and take this vati? will it have any side... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, As Divya Medohar Vati contains certain herbs like Tripahla churna, Operculina turpethum, Vayevidanga, Shuddh guggulu etc. here Suddha Guggulu means commiphora mukul which contains natural intiinflammatory properties that does not mean it contains NSAIDs as you are suspecting. However, you may try to consult an ayurvedic physician and get it analysed properly and if you want you can have a.. Read more

Divya mulethi churna

asked by Rajesh Tyagi on 14 June 2012 15:52
Herbs and supplements are great source of energy, vitality and keep body disease free so I need information for Divya mulethi churna ?, I am very thankful to... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags:
Dr.Ramani Says:- Mulethi churnam is powdered Liquorice It is sweet in taste, sweet in vipaka, cold in potency and reduces the vitiated vata and pitta It is used in respiratory conditions like sore throat, dry cough, acute inflammations with more of pitta like in acute bronchitis.It is an ingredient in Sitopaladi churnam, kasturyadi gutika which are used for cold It is used in gastritis, indigestion, mouth ulcers as it.. Read more

Divya Falghrit

asked by reemad on 31 July 2015 12:42
|I would like to know if u have anything for ovarian cyst and homonal imbalance.I just logged on to this pg for diabetic remedy also and waiting for a reply to my... Read More
Dr.Ramani Says:- There are Ayurvedic medicines like Jamun guthli churna for Diabetes, Sugar Ghatak for controlling Diabetes and Divya madunashini vati to control your blood sugar levels. Please let me know about your RBS, PPBS and HbA1C to guide you further. Ovarian cysts that are less than 5cm are treated with medicines. Basically it is managed by the size and symptoms. Please let me know about your menstrual cycle.. Read more

Whats the dosage and method of taking divya manohar vati in pcos?

asked by ashmita on 19 August 2014 22:07
i am 24 yrs old.wt 65 kgs, ht 5'3".i have been diagnosed with pcod.My doctor has started me on ocps and spirinolactone.i am taking these medicines since 1 week.i have started taking 3 or 4 cups of green tea and exerscing also.my doctor has told me to reduce weight and also told me that if i dont reduce weight then she will start me on metformin(anti diabetic drug)after 3 months my cycles... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Pcos
Dr.Ramani Says:- Your BMI is 25 which is slightly overweight. As you have PCOS, it will tend to increase weight with insulin resistance. Since you have delayed cycles, it is better to take some Ayurvedic medicines to regulate your periods. Medicines like Sukumara Kasayam - 10ml with 40ml of warm water before food twice daily, Divya Rajahpravartani Vati can be taken for 3months and reviewed. Divya Medohar Vati can be.. Read more

Divya Mukta Vati and Hridayamrit Vati

asked by joshikrishna on 12 October 2010 8:37
Hello, I Krishbna and am 45 Yrs old. I am having problems with Heart rate and elevated pressure for past 6 months. My heart rate jumps whenever I do exercise. It can go as high as 95. Pressure 139/83. I have chronic acid reflux issue. Stress at home with family. I got tinitis last 6 months. I am taking 1 Mukta vati a day. However I want to take Divya Hridayamrit vati for strengthing of heart. Is it... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, You can consume either Abana or Mukta vati one tablet twice daily. Please mention if you have persisting acid reflux and Tinnitus, so that we can change.. Read more

Divya swasari Pravahi

asked by bhatia on 26 May 2014 9:25
I m 32 yrs lactating mother and I m having cold and throat pain. CAN I take Divya swasari Pravahi. I fear that it does not harm baby and how many... Read More
5 replies  -  Related Tags: Pain, Throat
Dr.Ramani Says:- Divya Svasari Pravahi can be taken while breast feeding. It has the herbs like Vasa, Marica, Yastimadu, Kantakari, Pipali, Lavangam, Aragwada. It can be used thrice for a week and then twice for another week. You can take 1tsp after food. Just make sure that any medicine you are planning to take contain only herbs. If it has any minerals or very powerful herbs, avoid them You can do salt water.. Read more

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